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About Us

From Jessica Nyenuh, founder of Level Up OT

Hi, I'm Jess the founder of Level Up OT. I started my career as an Occupational Therapist in 2012 and have worked extensively with children with development delay and disability. 


In 2016 I started with UnitingCare, the Early Childhood Partner to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Whilst at UnitingCare I was fortunate enough to lead the start-up of our region's Early Childhood Early Intervention program under the NDIS national roll out. Now referred to as the Early Childhood Approach, I have had the privilege of holding key leadership positions at UnitingCare, including Team Leader, Service Area Manager, Lead Paediatric Therapist and most recently, the State-wide Operations Manager.

Within my roles at UnitingCare I have developed extensive knowledge and understanding of the NDIS Act, the NDIS rules, Operational Guidelines and the best practice principles for early childhood intervention which outline how we should be delivering supports to children and their families.


Level Up OT is a culmination of my professional experience, lived experience as a parent of a child with additional support needs and my passion for coaching parents, carers and adolescents to take their life to the next level. 

At Level Up OT we help take your life to the next level through everyday routines and activities. This includes:

  • Self-care routines such as, toilet training and developmental toileting concerns, picky and fussy eaters, stress free mealtimes and learning dressing skills.

  • Social skills such as, building friendships, sharing and turn taking, transition to school and participation in sport and play.

  • Fine and gross motor skill development such as, drawing, cutting with scissors, doing up buttons and zippers, riding a bike, jumping, catching and throwing a ball and foundational sport skills.

  • Emotional regulation and behaviour such as, understanding and learning about emotions, working through big feelings and developing coping strategies, understanding behaviour and how to support it. 

  • Attention and concentration, impulse control, awareness of our individual needs, flexible thinking and sustained attention. 

  • Life skills, such as, cooking and meal planning, managing money and budgeting, puberty, hygiene practices, sexual health and more. 

We do this by meeting with the key people in your life to gain an understanding of your everyday needs. Our occupational therapist will conduct comprehensive assessments working with you to develop an intervention plan. The intervention plan will detail your goals, the agreed strategies, required support and how we will work together as a team to achieve desired outcomes. 

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